Airline Passenger Association

Has Your Flight Ever Been Canceled?

Don’t let the airline leave you stranded…
We will give you $200 IMMEDIATELY for hotel, food, taxi, etc!

Our flagship program is our traveler assistance program. As an active member, if you are on any portion of your vacation (except in the origin city) where you find your flight canceled, and you are stranded, with no money and no friends…


You did read that right! In a nutshell, you call us when you are stranded, and we will immediately place assistance funds on a Western Union MasterCard, that you can take directly to the ATM. You are also free to just use it as a regular Mastercard.

You see…WE ARE NOT AN INSURANCE AGENCY. What good does travel insurance really do? You have to wait until you get HOME, file a claim, probably get denied for some “uncovered” loophole, and if not…wait for a check to come in the mail. What good does that do you when you’re stranded in an airport, 2000 miles from home?

You need help NOW.

We hear ya, and that’s the reason this organization was formed.

In addition to the assistance, we constantly strive to provide services that help during your vacation. That’s why, in the works right now, is a concierge service (available 24/7) and an interpreter 800 number, in case you’re in a far off land and are having trouble communicating.

Our wall will be a window to our wholesalers. Any deals they have will be posted there. You may also request a deal from our travel agent members. If you are looking to travel to a destination, but find yourself on a budget, send them your wants and needs. They will try to put together a package for you.

Please be sure to check our “Help” tab. This tab will outline everything you need to know about our page and organization, and your role in our organization. PLEASE READ THE “HELP” TAB THOROUGHLY, it will help guide you through the steps you need to take to receive assistance should you ever find yourself stranded.

Also, be sure to check out our site from your mobile phone! It is mobile optimized, and will only contain pages that we feel will be useful AS YOU TRAVEL…no clutter or excess buttons.

It can be accessed at at

Again…if there is ANYTHING you’d like to see, or feel would assist our members during their travels, please let us know.


Some may say that microphones are microphones. We don’t. When you’re tape-recording a song, you need to see to it you locate a particular sort of microphone which will certainly tape-record vocals accurately. With DJ’ing, you need a louder microphone that seems far better over speakers. The exact same can be stated with gaming, as most of us which are serious about interacting with either people you’re beating (my fave) or the group you’re on– an economical headset doesn’t constantly cut it.

A great deal of people settle with simply the earphones that have their headsets. If you’ve remained in pc gaming for a while like me, you’re most likely knowledgeable about 90 % of the headsets available, yet also recognize that the microphones typically aren’t necessarily the focal points of the tool. There are methods to better your audio experience with pc gaming even more ideally, especially if you want to utilize earphones that are studio screen and even much better top quality compared to headsets that do not come with a microphone.

There many choices you can go if you’re looking for a top quality microphone for pc gaming. Here are a couple of aspects to take note of:

– Your budget plan
– Using various equipment for connection
– The sort of microphone

Your budget for microphones for gaming

You can invest around $400 on an excellent headset or microphone if you would certainly such as, or maintain it less expensive and also remain under $100. We discovered the most effective microphones for video gaming within the whole range in order to offer you some alternatives. If you’re serious concerning your video gaming microphone, we would not opt for a less costly little USB microphone you could buy at your regional shop.

Using different equipment for connectivity to your computer system

I’ve become aware of some gamers reaching making use of an audio interface to link their external microphone to their computer system for video gaming. Some would claim this should strictly be left for recording sound, such as for YouTube videos or songs manufacturing. Nevertheless, this is still an alternative for you to take your microphone setup to the highest level. If you were to do this, you can start connecting microphones that assist XLR connectors, which are essentially studio-quality microphones. Exactly how high you go is truly as much as you, although we don’t recommend going definitely crazy on it for just video gaming.

If you want an also various course and also wishes to plug your XLR microphone in to your computer system without a user interface, you could begin using a Shure X2U XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter. This permits you to go also bigger (which we’ve only noted a few of), getting hold of studio condenser quality microphones and connecting them directly right into your computer by means of USB. You’ll likely require a microphone stand for these.

You could additionally wish to get even more thorough and acquire a popper stopper if it’s suitable with the microphone you end up going. This way, you might have the ability to even have the microphone on whatsoever times as well as just talk when you want, getting rid of making use of hot keys. It relies on the degree of sound termination the microphone you wind up buying is capable of.