Airline Passenger Association

Has Your Flight Ever Been Canceled?

Don’t let the airline leave you stranded…
We will give you $200 IMMEDIATELY for hotel, food, taxi, etc!

Our flagship program is our traveler assistance program. As an active member, if you are on any portion of your vacation (except in the origin city) where you find your flight canceled, and you are stranded, with no money and no friends…


You did read that right! In a nutshell, you call us when you are stranded, and we will immediately place assistance funds on a Western Union MasterCard, that you can take directly to the ATM. You are also free to just use it as a regular Mastercard.

You see…WE ARE NOT AN INSURANCE AGENCY. What good does travel insurance really do? You have to wait until you get HOME, file a claim, probably get denied for some “uncovered” loophole, and if not…wait for a check to come in the mail. What good does that do you when you’re stranded in an airport, 2000 miles from home?

You need help NOW.

We hear ya, and that’s the reason this organization was formed.

In addition to the assistance, we constantly strive to provide services that help during your vacation. That’s why, in the works right now, is a concierge service (available 24/7) and an interpreter 800 number, in case you’re in a far off land and are having trouble communicating.

Our wall will be a window to our wholesalers. Any deals they have will be posted there. You may also request a deal from our travel agent members. If you are looking to travel to a destination, but find yourself on a budget, send them your wants and needs. They will try to put together a package for you.

Please be sure to check our “Help” tab. This tab will outline everything you need to know about our page and organization, and your role in our organization. PLEASE READ THE “HELP” TAB THOROUGHLY, it will help guide you through the steps you need to take to receive assistance should you ever find yourself stranded.

Also, be sure to check out our site from your mobile phone! It is mobile optimized, and will only contain pages that we feel will be useful AS YOU TRAVEL…no clutter or excess buttons.

It can be accessed at at

Again…if there is ANYTHING you’d like to see, or feel would assist our members during their travels, please let us know.


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